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  • How can I purchase tickets for the 13th Seoul Jazz Festival 2019?
    Ticket purchase for Seoul Jazz Festival 2019 has been opened.

    ▶ Ticket Price: 2-Day Pass Regular Price 245,000 KRW (Limited availability)
    ▶ Ticket Link: Interpark https://bit.ly/2RnYXsj 1544-1555

    [The 13th Seoul Jazz Festival 2019 Ticket Prices]

    * 2-Day Pass 

    - 2-Day Pass Blind: 165,000won (Sold Out)

    - 2-Day Pass Early Bird: 185,000won (Sold Out)

    - 2-Day Pass Full Price: 245,000won (On Sale)

    * 1-Day Pass 

    - Pre-Sale Ticket: 145,000won (Available starting 2/14 Noon 12pm)

    - 1-Day Pass Full Price: 165,000won (TBA)

    Jazz UP Your Soul


    5. 25(SAT)~26(SUN) | Olympic Park

    WHO’S NEXT @ Seoul Jazz Festival 2019

    You may purchase tickets through the links above, or contact Private Curve at (02)563-0595 / email sjf@privatecurve.com
    Further line up announcements and ticket sales are to be added shortly. 

  • How can I make a group purchase/ purchase in bulk?
    For ticket quantities of 50 and over, please call 02)563-0595.
  • How do I cancel purchased ticket(s)?
    The2-Day tickets will not be treated as an individual 1-Day ticket, and will not be refunded as such.
    Reserved tickets may be refunded up until the day prior to the festival, and there may be fees associated with it. For specific details, please refer to the Cancellation guideline below.
    Refunds due to personal circumstances or change of heart will still fall under the cancellation rules and respective fees may be charged.
    Cancellations on the day of the festival will not be accepted.
  • Can children enter for free?
    Children under the age of 7 under parental guidance or a guardian will be admitted to the festival, free of charge.
    Medical Insurance Card, Social Security Card, Passport, etc. will be checked prior to admittance. Failure to provide such identification will require ticket purchase for admittance.
    Children 7 and older must purchase a valid ticket prior to admittance.
  • Where can I view the schedule/ timetable for the festival?
    Each artist has their own respective stage and stage time that they follow. For more detailed information please refer to the TIMETABLE.
  • How do you access the festival and are there any limitations?
    The ticket booth and the respective bracelet exchange booth will open at 10 AM. (Reservation numbers and IDs will need to be verified to get your tickets.)
    Please exchange the tickets for the respective bracelets (wristbands) and wear it on your wrist. You will only be allowed admittance once the bracelets have been worn.
    The bracelet will grant access to all areas of the festival premises. But please be reminded that each stage has its own respective capacity – for safety reasons, admittance will be monitored.
    Neither the ticket nor the bracelet will be reissued.
    Please do not detach the bracelet until the 2-Day festival’s end. You may be prohibited reentry if the bracelet has been lost or damaged.
  • Guidelines, precautions, limitations, allowed/ not allowed items.

    Please refrain from holding/ saving a seat unattended. The promoters & organizers are not responsible for the loss of items.
    The uses of mats are limited to specific areas and may be asked to clear pending situational circumstances. (The size of the mats should not exceed 1m X 1m in size and should be big enough to seat 2 people.
    Artists and/ or their schedules times are subject to change.
    With the exception of strollers and wheelchairs, all items with wheels are prohibited within festival premises.
    Though strollers and wheelchairs are allowed access into the festival site, there may be limitations so please follow the directions of the operating crew.
    A thorough check will be made for all prohibited items prior to entering each venue.
    During the festival, an official photographer/videographer will be capturing various scenes and moments of Artists and Audiences to be used for further promotions and related sources.



    Hat/ Cap/ Visor


    Sun Block


    Food in Plastic Container


    Rain Coat


    Cigarette (Please use Smoking Zone)


    Same day Re-Entry


    Picnic Table

    Camping/ Cooking Devices

    Can/ Bottles

    Delivery (food)

    Professional Recording/ Photography



    Suit Case

    Pets/ Animals

    On-Day Cancellation/ Refund

  • What are the rules and regulations for smoking/ alcohol consumption?
    Adult Authenticated wristbands will be given to those who have had their age verified at the Adult Authentication Booth. A proper identification must be presented so please remember to bring it.
    The purchase of alcoholic beverages and the use of Smoking Zones are limited to those with the Adult Authenticated wristbands.
    Smoking is only allowed within Smoking Zones. Please be wary of others around you.
    You may be asked to leave the festival premise without reentry if found under heavy influence of alcohol, committing unfavorable deeds, or is a hindrance to those around you.
  • Will there be food and beverages sold at the festival?
    There will be various food and beverage booths in the 88 Garden (May Forest) and nearby paths that surround each of the venues.
    The use of cards and cash are accepted as forms of payment. There are two accessible ATMs nearby the festival site, but please prepare enough cash in advance as long queues are expected
  • Will there be merchandise for sale?
    Official Seoul Jazz Festival 2019 goods will be sold at the festival.
    There is a no refund policy – but exchanges for faulty items will be accepted.
  • What do you do in case of emergencies?
    There will be safety personnel stationed in various locations around the festival site. If you require assistance please kindly ask for help to a representative personnel closest to you.
    Injuries caused by carelessness, avoidable situations, etc. will not result in a refund or indemnification.  Please take consideration of your own safety.
  • What will happen if it rains?
    Festival will continue rain or shine. Rain coats will be provided in the case of rain.
  • Are lockers/ storage areas available at the festival?
    There is a locker within the festival premise for public use.
    Valuable and fragile items will not be accepted at the locker.
    The use of lockers and their availability may be limited depending on circumstances.
  • How can I request for press releases or related materials for the Seoul Jazz Festival?

    Please contact 02)563-7110 or sjf@privatecurve.com